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Vettel Brilliant in Sepang

Sabastian Vettel
Sabastian Vettel
Sepang - Team Racing Red Bull Racing-Renault performed brilliantly in the second series of Formula 1 car racing at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, Sunday, March 24, 2013, by placing two drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber as the winner and runner-up. Success is the 13th for Red Bull to put two drivers finished first and second.

Vettel, who last week complained about the slow pace of Webber's car, so it failed to win the championship, this time it looks amazing from the start. Occupies the leading position start, Vettel sped leaving its rivals and maintain its position in the first place.

The German defending champion had finished second behind Webber, but returned to take over the leading position on lap 46 or lap ahead ten finish. After that Vettel controlled the race to finish in the forefront. Webber trailed behind and finished second. Third-placed Mercedes driver place the origin of the United Kingdom, Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 2008 championship.

Winner of the first series of Australian Grand Prix at Melbourne Park last week, Kimi Raikkonen (team Lotus-Renault) failed on the podium. Raikkonen was forced to start in the tenth of the seventh, through suspension. The Finn, who performed brilliantly in training last Friday, was sentenced by inhibiting the Mercedes team driver Nico Rosber from Germany.
Formula 1 GP Malaysia 2013
Formula 1 GP Malaysia 2013

With a start in the tenth position, it is difficult for Raikkonen to compete with Vettel. Winner of the 2007 Formula 1 33 year old had to settle for the finish line in seventh, behind team-mate Romain Grosjean (France), who finished sixth.

Vettel won the second series of Success is an opportunity to re-win the Formula 1 car racing season 2013. In the first series circuit in Melbourne Park last week, Vettel finished third behind Raikkonen and Ferrari's Spanish driver Fernando Alonso.

Alonso on the second series of bad luck this time after a broken front wing of his car because the car crashed into the rear of Vettel in the first round. Alonso on lap kdua car crash that forced her to leave the race track.

What is interesting in the Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix this time is the emergence of rivalry between Vettel and Weber. Since its start off, try memempet Vettel Webber outside for mendaului. However, Vettel did not give the slightest chance and sped leaving Webber since the first corner.

When the lead and Vettel Webber in second place, they were asked by the team to maintain their respective positions. But Vettel sped adamant and said, »I'm sorry,". Vettel then added, »I messed up, I was the scapegoat."

After the race Webber not giving congratulations to Vettel. Webber nor Vettel put his arm around the photo session at the winners podium was asked.

A similar competition between Hamilton in the Mercedes team with Nico Rosberg. But like Vettel, Hamilton also benefited from the command team.

Hamilton and Rosberg also competing himself up before the finish line. Rosberg told the team that the car is much faster and he asked permission to pass Hamilton. But Mercedes boss Ross Brawn said, »Negative. back to back. I want to bring home two car guys in good condition.

Results Formula 1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2013

1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing-Renault 1:38:56.681

2. Mark Webber Red Bull Racing-Renault +4.2 sec

3. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +12.1 sec

4. Mercedes Nico Rosberg +12.6 sec

5. Ferrari's Felipe Massa +25.6 sec

6. Lotus-Renault's Romain Grosjean +35.5 sec

7. Kimi Raikkonen Lotus-Renault +48.4 sec

8. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber-Ferrari +53.0 sec

9. Sergio Perez McLaren-Mercedes +72.3 sec

10. Jean-Eric Vergne STR​​-Ferrari +87.1 sec

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